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Zombies, Bananas and Why There are No Economists in Heaven

The Economics of Real Life

Jessica Irvine presents Economics 101 and shows you how to use the power of economics to solve your everyday problems with this witty, accessible and entertaining guide.

Can economics help you lose weight? How does an emissions trading scheme work? Why are bananas so expensive? What really goes on inside the federal budget lock up? How can you spot a zombie bank? Does Australia take too many refugees? Why do boy bands make so much money?

From asylum seekers to bananas, Jessica Irvine’s weekly Irvine Index in The Sydney Morning Herald uses fun facts to get to the heart of our biggest political and economic debates. Part economics lesson, part quirky observation on modern life, this collection of easily digestible, bite-sized nuggets of factual goodness will help transform even the most economically illiterate person into an insightful commentator at their next work drinks or weekend barbeque.

The Bottom Line Diet

How I Lost Weight, Kept It Off … And You Can Too!

Let Jessica Irvine show you how to take off weight and – just as importantly – keep it off.

In this straightforward but groundbreaking new book, Jessica Irvine documents her own dramatic weight loss and equips you with easy-to-use tools and practical information to help you lose weight.

Based on interviews with leading obesity researchers, Jessica shows you how to work out your own bottom line – the number of calories your body uses in a day – for maximum weight-loss results. Then, once you’ve lost weight, she shows you how to keep it off and, should you happen to put some kilos back on, how to lose it again (like she did).

Packed full of personal tips, Jessica explains the simple accounting principles she used to lose weight and then maintain her weight loss. Let Jessica help you beat the odds to transform your body forever.

‘Weight loss comes down not to fad diets but to one very simple rule: you must consume fewer calories than you burn in a day. If you’re putting on weight, you’re failing to balance the books by eating too much or not moving enough, or both. It’s time to figure out which.’

Money with Jess

Your Ultimate Guide to Household Budgeting

Want to know the answers to the biggest money questions? Like, How much can you afford to borrow to buy your dream home? How big an emergency fund do you need? And how much do you need to save for a comfortable retirement?

According to popular money columnist Jessica Irvine, the answer to all these questions—and more—lies in getting to grips with your own spending habits.

Join Jess as she teaches you how to construct your own household budget from scratch, following her unique, 10-category household budgeting system.

Packed full of money-saving tips—from electricity bills to grocery bills—Money with Jess is your ultimate guide to household budgeting and saving.

Take control of your money and live the life you want.

Get your highlighters ready: it’s time to make finance fun!